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Remington Firearms

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Questions and Answers

Remington 1100 magnum?

I have a remington 1100 magnum i would like to know how do i go for purchasing a fully rifled barrel or slug barrel which i think is the same …for deer hunting…whats the best fit for magnum reciever.ext ext..

Posted by albboynyc

Uh…they still make the 1100. Http://…

Best place to buy a barrel is either a gun show for a used one. However REM does sell them. Http://…

Or find the barrel you want from the link above and then web search the part # and see who sells it online.

Remington 597 SS as first firearm?


I will soon be of legal age to purchase a rifle in CA.

I figure, that everyone has a .22lr, and in my experience, they are fun/simple/cheap to shoot; they teach the practice of firing a more powerful weapon.

Anyway, I was considering the Remington Model 597 Stainless Steel Autoloader for my first rifle.

WHat are your opinions of this rifle?
Would another rifle be better in some way?
Another caliber? I don't know… .223, mebbe? Or not worth the extra money?
Ya, the reasons I like the 597 SS are:
-weather resistance
-removal 10rd box mags…i dislike tubes
-it comes with both iron sights, and a dovetail mount, and is drilled/tapped for weaver rails/scope mounts.

Posted by Seabiscuit

The Remington 597 SS is a great rifle. I own one of them as well as a Ruger 10/22 SS. I really like both of them
Of the two I like the Ruger 10/22 better because it has so much more accessories available. You can do so much more with a 10/22.

Either one of them are great rifles and you can't go wrong with any one you choose.

As far as other calibers go, take your time. Every gun owner needs a good .22lr rifle. Buy one and enjoy it. It will become a trusted friend for many years to come.

I assure you that you will buy many, many more rifles in your life. I have been shooting, collecting, hunting, restoring, making and enjoying rifles for over 20 years now.

I hope this information helps.

2 firearms information?

Hi i been looking around trying to find the best possible firearms i could buy and have decided on this two

Remington 870 Tac-2 Shotgun, 81402, Black, 12 Ga, 6 rd,
Smith & Wesson 500 Revolver, Single/Double Action, 500

my question is are this purchases a good idea or should i find something else also is there type of license needed
i forgot to mention im buying them online and live in Texas and was looking to collect different firearms and i choose the sw 500 only because it was a revolver and the most powerful one not a regular handgun i plan on purchasing a glock 20c for a handgun im usually a knife collector but never hurts to pick up a new hobby.

Posted by Jack G

You do not need a license for the Remington shotgun….

In most areas of the USA you do have to have a pistol permit for the Smith & Wesson…..

Best Possible?…. A hundred people are going to give you 100 opinions…. I will let everybody else give there opinion about the handgun…..

Here is my opinion on the shotgun…. If you want a tactical / security shotgun avoid the Remington 870… Here's why….


Either get a Mossberg 500 or a Mossberg 590… The 590 is the best pump shotgun on the planet… Why spend all that cash on an 870 and get second best?….


Here's whats at my house = 590… This thing performs flawlessly….


I also have one of these Mossberg 500 shotguns… I have put thousands of cartridges thru this shotgun and have never had a problem… My son cant say that about his Remington 870 police shotgun….


I will take a $300 Mossberg 500 shotgun any day of the week to get in a gun altercation with than any overpriced Remington 870 police gun that costs $800…..

Dad and Daughter on Rifle range.wmv

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Remington Rifles Sale

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Questions and Answers

Minnesota Deer hunting rifle?

I was wondering what deer hunting rifle would be the best to use? I want a adult rifle not a youth rifle. I want enough range and power to kill a deer, and perferably under 500 bucks. Thanks

Posted by Lewford

Fleet farm has had an on and off sale for remington 770's with a scope in a variety of calibers for 299.99. I almost got it myself. It has a black synthetic stock with nice grooves for grip. Its a nice gun.

Is the Remington 770 .243 bolt action a good begginer rifle?

I need a decent but cheap rifle. I will probably only use the rifle 3-4 times a year on hogs 200lbs and under and deer. I've heard some things about the rifle not funtioning right at times but il hardly use the rifle. I'll probably only get ten rounds a years on it.

Posted by Marco Villarreal

The 770 is $300 that you will never recover-it has about nothing for re-sale value,it has 'issues" and for same price the Savage Axis or Marlin XL/XS 7 are much better rifles-you might need to get a scope but the one on the 770 is only a $30 scope on a good day.
I really think if you get a rifle you need to use it more than a few rounds a year,just to maintain proficiency. You would be fine investing a little more,you can recoup that value at least.
As for 243,not enough mass on target consistently even with 95 grain bullets-and I reload for one that my son used as a deer rifle-but we limited distance and shot windows. He is up to 30-06 now. If you want to stay with a short action trend towards the 7mm-08 or 308,still moderate recoil but won't leave you under-gunned.
I personally buy guns as lifetime investments;my Browning A-Bolts will last till my now 14 year old wears them out,then they can still be worked on. The 770 just isn't close to what a person wants to have to put up with-poor trigger,bolt,stock and ZERO chance to upgrade the receiver and barrel.
You've asked this a couple times-still comes back the 770 isn't good and the 243 is a minimal cartridge for what you need.intend to do. I seriously suggest spending about $500 on a Weatherby Vanguard 2,Rem 700 ADL rifles or Savage 10XP package that you can get at Walmart;then ENJOY shooting every chance you get.

Remington Speedmaster model 552?

I have a Remington Speedmaster 552 i believe was manufactured in September 1957 because no s/n meaning pre 1968, smooth stock, metal plunger in the magazine tube not plastic, its stamped on the left side of the barrel theres a small "+" scratched then stamped ED and directly below the E theres a P, and on the right side of the barrel what looks like a heart shape stamped I believe the P stands for 1967 and that may have been when it was sent in to be fixed i believe this because if it had been sent in after 1968 they would have issued the rifle a serial number and on the right side of the barrel theres what looks like a its in great shape 4 minor scratches u have to look for to see near the butt but other than that great shape still strong springs barely been fired i want to find out what the marks mean and the guns value.

Posted by Andy Nicholson

Could be worth $350.

700 Sendero SFII .300RUM vs water melon at 300 yards

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Remington Semi Auto Rifles

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Questions and Answers

I have a remington 22 semi auto rifle made before 1912. Can anyone tell me what model and vaule it is?

It has markings at the triger that says RB 1505. On barrel it says 22 remington, remington arms, union metallic CO., ilion ny usa.

Posted by Jessica Basnett

I already gave you an answer. Look at your previous question:

The gun would be worth, at the VERY MOST, about $500. There is only one model of rifle chambered for .22 Remington in existence, so it is obviously a Remington Model 16.

But gun valuation is extremely dependent upon CONDITION. Since you have- twice- failed to describe the condition of the rifle, we cannot give you a specific valuation. The rifle is worth between $0 and $500. Nothing more specific than that can be garnered from the question as you have asked it.

What is a good semi auto rifle?

I'm looking for a semi automatic rifle bigger than a 22 but smaller then a .243 and under $300 that is legal, and able to hunt hogs in Florida.

Posted by Joey


As a Wild Boar hunter in California, I can tell you this, you are asking for trouble hunting Wild Boar in your area. There are two factors you need to consider.

First, you need to check your hunting regulations with regard to large game. This includes deer, wild boar, bear, mountain lion, or any other game animal. There is often a caliber restriction as to the smallest caliber your State's Fish and Game, or Wildlife Management Department(s) have established. Violation of these rules can be VERY expensive.

Second, having hunted Wild Boar, you need to understand these animals are considered dangerous game. These are not your barnyard pigs that are slaughtered and rendered into pork products. These are extremely vicious, and will have no problems charging you when they feel threatened. In particular if you run into a large sow with piglets. You are in for a fight, one of which you WILL lose!

My first rifle for pigs, (which I still use), is a Mosin-Nagant, (Polish Variant), which is equipped with a B-Square Scout Scope Mount that is fitted into the place of the rear sight, and topped with a Leapers Scout Scope. The Mosin Nagant is a 7.62x54R cartridge, basically Russia's answer to our .30-06 Springfield. You can pick up a good one from JG Sales, for under $200.00, then the scope mount and scope from Midway for another $150.00. The hunting ammunition is cheap, and it will get you into a good position to start hunting with a fairly good rifle.

The important thing with Wild Boar is putting them down with the first shot. Anything less than a .30 Caliber Bullet is not going to get the job done properly and humanely.

The only exception to this rule would be the .270 Winchester, which is my favorite cartridge for nearly everything we have in California, with the exception of Bear and Elk. My 7mm Remington Magnum gets that work.

The point is you need to have enough impact in your bullet to put the animal down quickly. The biggest reason for this is your safety. If you use a smaller caliber, you take the risk of having that animal put up the "final fight" just as you get there, and you will be on the losing end of that fight, and 50+ miles from the nearest hospital to get yourself stitched up!

Do the responsible thing, and get yourself a rifle chambered for .270 Winchester or larger. Your safety will thank you for it later!

Good Luck and Responsible Shooting!

22lr semi-auto rifles?

What are some good .22LR semi-auto rifles from anywhere from $300-$650 that are legal in California.

Posted by TJ

Most .22LR semi-automatic rifles are legal in the state of California. That is because they are not centerfire rifles, and so are exempt from our "assault weapon" laws found at California Penal Code 30515. They still need to obey other parts of California law such as length and magazine capacity, but that's about it.

Common semi-automatic firearms include the Ruger 10/22, the Marlin Model 60, the Marlin Model 795, and the Remington Model 597. These ones are great deals in terms of how they shoot and operate.

The other approach is to try and get a "tactical" .22LR rifle, such as a S&W M&P 15-22 or the Ruger SR-22. These rifles are generally more expensive and less accurate than the other rifles mentioned above, but some people with money to blow think they look cool.

Prices are a little inflated at the moment, so if you buy now then you may be paying a premium.

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Deer Hunting Rifles For-Sale

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Questions and Answers


I have the urge to hunt deer but dont like to kill them.

Posted by

They couldn't possibly be illegal. I saw a 32 gauge Harrington and Richardsaon (with a rifled barrel) in a firearms store over a decade ago. If they were illegal, the store owners wouldn't have had it sitting amongst their weapons for sale, unless they didn't know it was against the law. (it was a used gun, by the way).

Animal Hunting Solution?

I see that animal hunting is wrong and I wonder why people hunt animals for food to kill when they can just go the supermarket and get the food where no animals are harmed.

Why does noone think of this before me…

Posted by

I'm a hunter who goes after deer, so I will tell you why. The meat that you get from supermarkets also comes from animals that were killed and then cut up into sections for sale. So what difference does it make if you get meat from the supermarket or from hunting.

Second, in a sport, not all players have to have equal access to equipment to the same equipment. A hunter is in a wild environment with a superior brain and a rifle. A deer uses its instincts to survive in a habitat that it knows very well. How is that an uneven playing field. If anything, the deer has an advantage since it is used to the terrain and can run faster than a human.

YSIC was right when she said that hunting serves as a means for population control. However, she points out that people are responsible for wiping out the natural predators. Yes, people did wipe out most of the natural predators in North America. But keep in mind that a natural predator does not kill its prey as quickly as a human hunter. A pack of wolves would attack the deer and tear its flesh right off of bone before the deer would finally die. It is by no means a quick death. In contrast, a hunter can use a high caliber rifle to shoot a deer in the head and kill it instantly.

I believe this would answer your question.

Hunting with a 30-30?

I was just wondering how good a 30-30 is for deer. Just wanted to here some stories.

Posted by sean .

My first deer rifle was my Marlin .30-30. I bought it when I was 11 with money I made that summer mowing grass. It took me 3 years to get a deer with it, which was my second deer ever, having killed my first deer with a 410 shotgun slug when I was 9.
When I was 14 my grandfather gave me a reloading set for the .30-30, and that opened up a whole new world of shooting for me. With my reloads I could get more range because I could use pointed bullets, but I couldn't put them in the tubular magazine because the point of one bullet lines up with the primer of the one in front of it and might cause it to go off when the rifle kicks. I once killed a doe with one of those pointed bullets at 225 yards, and have killed a total of 11 deer with my .30-30.
These days I usually deer hunt with my .308 Ruger model 77, but the old Marlin .30-30 is still in my gun safe with a Bushnell 3-9×40 scope on it and it is ready if I decide to ever use it again. It's not for sale. That rifle is the one I grew up using and that means something to me. I also still have the reloading set my grandfather gave me in 1977. Since then I have bought more guns, a total of 34, and more reloading equipment, and now have 4 presses and die sets to reload about 10 different calibers.
A few years ago my brother in law started deer hunting and asked to borrow one of my rifles. I loaned him my .30-30 and he killed a deer the first season he hunted. He loved my old Marlin and asked to borrow it again the next year. He shot a deer and 2 turkeys with it that year. After a couple years of him borrowing my rifle, I decided to get him a rifle for Christmas. I bought a Marlin .30-30 like mine, put a scope on it, sighted it in with my reloads, and loaded 2 boxes of bullets to give him with the rifle. The folowing deer season he killed 2 deer with it. He still uses that rifle to this day, and his .30-30 isn't for sale either.

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Model 700 Remington Rifles Sale

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Questions and Answers

Airsoft Rifle Look-a-Like?

Is there an airsoft gun that looks like a wood stock hunting rifle. Like a remington 700 BDL? I really like that gun for hunting and I would like to use something like it with my airsoft team too. Thanks a lot :)

Posted by Matt W

They look the same as a regular R700, right?? (sorry, not really a gun expert on variants)

If so, here is a rifle called the M700, which is modeled to look just like the Remington rifle. It is made by Matrix; cheap but pretty durable with a pretty good FPS. Costs $100 for both rifle and a scope. Here is a military OD-colored version, check the website for the Wooden-colored finish, Black (on sale for $55 for the rifle itself), or the Tan finish. However, I warn you that it may be more difficult to use than most rifles above $100…


I hope this helps! Once again I apologize if this is not the rifle you are looking for.

What rifle should I buy?

So I'm looking for a rifle (brand and model) that fits the following:
7mm Rem Mag (or ultramag), 300 winmag, or .260 rem
Heavy barrel
free floated barrel
scope mounts (or at least pre-drilled)
barrel at least 24" long
reasonably affordable (under $1000 preferred)

links to which rifles you're recommending would be icing on the cake!
Okay, sorry to edit: please include if your recommended rifle has an adjustable trigger (lighter pull weight better, I aim to make this thing a 1,000 yard rifle)
Just some notes:
1) I listed .260 rem because one of my friends who is a competition long range shooter out to 2,000 yards started with the .260 and highly recommends it for target shooting at 1,000 yards. I'm most likely never going to hunt with this thing.

2) A custom trigger is probably a good idea. Said competition shooting friend uses a custom trigger tuned down to 6 oz trigger pull… Basically breath on it and it goes off. :) Sounds like a definite good idea though.

Posted by promethius9594

It sounds like you are describing a Remington 700 Sendero. It is a top-end Remington 700 tricked out with a high-end composite, aluminum bedded stock. Heavy contour, stainless steel, 26" fluted barrel. The barrel has an overall diameter of .820 — really solid. Really a finely tuned, precision tack driver, right out of the box.
It is one of the most accurate rifles on the market for over the counter sales. I have one in .300 Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM), and it is awesome. Groups are always a cloverleaf.
It typically is offered in .300 RUM, 7mm RUM, .300 Win Mag, 7 mm Mag, and a .264 Mag. You want to scratch the .260 Rem that you mentioned off of your list. It does not come close to comparing to the other cartridges just mentioned.
The typical price new is about $1000 to $1100 on . The MSRP is about $1350. A used one will run about $800 to $900.
And for what you are looking for — a stock adjustable trigger is not it. If you get the Sendero, you'll want to get a custom trigger. Either a Timney trigger (~$110), or a upper-end Jewel Trigger ($200). If you are shooting 1000 yards, a standard stock trigger won't do it. You'll need a custom Timney or Jewel, set to something less than 1 pound.
Check and search "Sendero". The website has been lousy as of late, but it may work OK for you. Gunbroker works best.

Which rifle would y'all prefer? Remington 700 or…?

I have my dad's old Remington Model 6 30-06 that he bought back in 1984. Great gun, but it has an issue ejecting the shell after the first shot. Anyways, I'm looking to buy a new rifle. For deer hunting. I've looked around and I'm pretty set on a Remington 700, but I found one that I really liked, but don't know much about. Howa? It's a beautiful gun, looks like a well-built rifle. I'd like to know more about Howa and want to know if any of y'all have one or know much about them? I'm buying another 30-06 by the way.
Remington won't repair my Model 6 because they said they quit making parts for it a while back. So it's basically good for one shot in a situation where a 2nd shot would be needed. Because it takes a while to "un-jam" it. I'm going to hang on to it, but I need a newer rifle for hunting. Something reliable that I can hang on to for years and eventually pass down to my kids.

Posted by nick

Okay, I suggest you get your rifle identified.

The Remington Model 6 is a rolling block single shot rifle made from 1901 to 1933 and chambered in 22 or in 32, both suitable for rabbit size game and that's it.

This may also be why remington tells you it is too old to repair.

I think you may instead have a Remington 600, or maybe a 660. Those guns are from the 60s and 70s, so it is possible one was sitting 'new' and on sale in a gunshop back in 1984.

I suggest looking at the link below to determine which exact Remington you have.


Then go to a gunsmith and have him fix it, or go to Numrich and order what you need to fix it yourself. I suspect by your description the ejector or extractor is broke, which is a fairly common way for a gun to break

often it will take a $10 or $20 part to fix the gun. Labor to get a gunsmith to do it may well be $50, but still that is a heck lot less than a new rifle, plus you get to keep on using Grandpa's Gun. And honestly, unless you are buying the higher grade remington 700s, the fit and finish and quality control is really lacking.


Submachine Gun, Rifle - Free image - 62902…

Deer Hunting Rifles and Calibers

Fallow Deer Group, Fallow Deer, Fur - Free image - 262168

Questions and Answers

Low Caliber Deer Rifle?

I've finally got my parents back into hunting. My step brother and my father put in for tags but I couldn't put in because I hadn't gone through Hunter's Ed. Though I will put in next year because I have my test next time.
My father said if I beat him at the test he'll get
me a gun. I'm looking at something like a 30, 30. My father has a 7mm and after shooting for awhile usually the kicks don't bother me but I'm a little scared of that 7mm.
What would be a low caliber rifle that has low kick but good for hunting? I already own a .22.

Posted by Samantha McKee

What kind of 7mm does he have? There are many kinds. For instance a 7mm Remington Magnum kicks real hard but a 7mm-08 kicks a lot less.

Some low kicking rifles good for DEER hunting are:
243 winchester
6mm remington
257 Roberts

Look here to see rifle kick compared. You want to look at the 'recoil energy' column


Note that you can also buy 'managed recoil' rounds which will greatly reduce the kick. I recommend getting a 7mm-08 or 270 winchester and getting managed recoil rounds.

Using managed recoil both guns will kick the same as or even less than a 30-30.


Rifle calibers for west coast deer hunting??

I am of the opinion that a 25-06 is a very sweet little all around caliber for black tail deer and mountain lion and antelope. I like the remington 700 BDL rifle and i am considering getting one in the 25-06. Do you have any other ideas or know something about this caliber or rifle model that i should know? Thanks so much.

Posted by David S

Does anyone read the questions? You don't need a .270 or a 30-06 to kill blacktail deer. I'm originally from California so I am very familiar witht the species. They are 2/3 the size of your average mule deer, they aren't that big. A 25-06 would work excellent for blacktail deer and antelope. A .243, 6mm, or .257 Roberts would also be plenty adequate. I'm not sure about Mountain Lions as I have not hunted them, but I would think the 25-06 would be fine for them as well. The 25-06 is a fine flat shooting caliber with a maximum point blank range of almost 300 yards and capable of taking game out to 400 yards. Factory loads are available with bullet weights of 87 to 120 grains. It would be a great dual purpose varmint/medium game rifle. Keep in mind, just because its only 25 caliber doesn't mean it won't kick pretty good. It is after all a necked down 30-06.

The Remington 700's are fine rifles, and the BDL I believe is one of their most popular models. It is not available in 25-06 but the CDL is. I am considering buying a 700 CDL myself, but in 30-06 for elk and muley's here in Colorado. Here is an interesting accuracy story about tuning up a 700, Http://… I'm sure you will find it as enlightening as I did.

What are some good rifle calibers for deer hunting?

Posted by Fang

51mm cases: 243 Win, 260 Rem, 7mm08, 308 Win. 358 Win

57mm cases: 6mm Rem, 257 Roberts, 7mm Mauser, 8mm Mauser. Throw in the 6.5×55 Swede, which has a different case but it's close.

63mm cases: 25-06, 6.5mm06 (custom only), 270 Win, 280 Rem, 30-06, 338-06, 35 Whelen

Also, don't forget the 250 and 300 Savage, if you happen to find one.
One of my favorites is 348 Win, but the rifles have been out of production for fifty years. 45-70 and 444 Marlin are somewhat popular, and Marlin's new 30 caliber looks promising. Throw in 30-30 and 32 Win Spl, and you've covered the bulk of them.

The 6mm's and quarter bores are good varmint rounds with plenty of power for deer if you use a good bullet. The 308 and above are more than you need, but there's no sin in "killing them too dead."

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Whitetail Deer Hunting Rifles

Young Fallow Deer, Kitz - Free image - 262137

Questions and Answers

Deer rifle?

Any thoughts on using a .270 Win. Weatherby Vanguard for white tails in Pa.?
Whta's a good scope to add to this rifle?
What's a good scope to add to this rifle?
Thanks to all for the great responses. This rifle has to have a scope as there are no iron sights. I won it at a gun bash last Sat.
PS: I'm not a beginner. I've been hunting white tails in Pa. For 44 yrs, but usually with a Rem. 700 30-06.

Posted by Toe Cutter

ABSOLUTELY !!!!! This is a rockin' rifle for whitetail…as for scopes ???? Well i like a 50mm for beginners. The 50 means it takes in more light than a 40mm. This is great during dimlit times,,,,,early monring,late afternoon at sunset.

Scopes are priced all over. It depends how much you want to spend. I always go for a leopold for my high end guns. I like the vari-x III…awesome stuff. Adjustable objective is great too. A 3.5-10 power x 50mm.

I have discovered by almost accident a great buy on a awesome scope. I bought a .223 savage used from a pawn store to hunt wild boar off a buggy. Figuring it was a cheap gun i wasn't so worried about getting it beat up. So i went out and bought a cheap scope. Walmart had a simmons scope….3-10x50mm for $50 !!!! Thats alot of light gathering for only $50. So i bought it and put it on the .223. I tell you what….its practically as good as my leopold vari-x 3 scopes that cost $600+ !!!!

Also nikon scopes give alot of high high high quality for the money. Even though i am a staunch leopold scope user. Frankly i feel you pay for their past reputation and exploits. They aren't really any better then a nikon. The leopold tactical is surely a better cut but at a high er price.

Then you can talk about the european scopes,,,swarvarski etc…all good scopes at high end money…

What caliber rifle should be used to hunt WhiteTail Deer?

I am looking for a good rifle that could be used to hunt deer. I've been told that a .30-06 is the best bet for deer hunting, but i've also been told other things. I'm a pretty big guy, and not too worried about recoil. Any suggestions?

Posted by Deraj

I bought my first 30-06 when I was 14,haven't been without one since-but it does multiple duty as a deer/elk and bear rifle. If you are only looking at whitetail hunting I personally would start with 25-06 or 257 Roberts as a minimum over a 243;95 grain bullets at longer range aren't really what I want to use.We have a 243 as my son's deer rifle,but only for shots under 150 yards and good presentation. He's moved up to my 06 and I shoot the 300 WSM (and no you don't need a Mag).
To me the best whitetail cartridges are going to be 270 and 7mm-08-both have enough energy with 140 to 160 grain bullets to be very effective-even on elk of bear if you wanted. 270 is about as good as it gets for bullet selection,velocities and availability. The 7mm-08 is a pretty decent choice too;again using a bullet with enough weight gives you best Ballistic Coefficient and Sectional Density numbers. The 280,like the 270 is a necked down 30-06,so it would be like a 7mm-06 instead of the 308 based 7mm. Only problem is that 280 isn't supported as well as 270.
Bullet selection and shot placement is more important than actual caliber for most deer cartridges:personally since I load for my rifles I prefer bonded core bullets over cheap factory ammo. Federal,Hornady,Remington and Winchester all produce a bonded core bullet or controlled expansion one. Premium loads will use projos like the Barnes TSX,Nosler Partition,Swift A-Frame and a few others;loads you really don't need for deer,but I also find that Nosler Ballistic Tips are too frangible for my taste now. I did use factory Rem Core Locts for years with good results,so that would be my minimal recommendation.
So,I recommend 270 with 140 grain bullets to knock down whitetail. And accuracy counts more than anything else,so a shooter is going to be most accurate with a rifle that is comfortable to shoot,so that is why Mags really aren't the way to go most of the time;believe me,after shooting the 300 at the range a few times,I'm sore for a couple days.

I am wondering what is the better rifle for hunting whitetail deer in NYS a 7mm, .270 cal or a .243 cal?

Also which one has the best value
To answer the question about shotguns only a couple years ago they allowed rifles in a select few counties. I happen to be near a couple of them.

Posted by youhatemenot21

Just an FYI (not trying to be mean here) 7mm, 270, and 243 calibers are bullet/bore sizes, not cartridges. A 243 Winchester and a 6mm Remington cartridges are both the same size, 6mm/0.243.

Anyway, I am guessing you are referring to a 7mm Remington Mag, a 270 Winchester, and a 243 Winchester.

Each has its own pluses and minuses, but any of them make a fine deer round.

The 243 Win is quite popular and is offered in a wide variety of rifles from cheap to expensive. I have taken several whitetails with one and never had one go more than a few steps. The recoil for this cartridge is mild and it is a great beginners round. However, the only downfall to this round is the fact that deer is about as big of an animal you want to hunt with a 243 Win. If you plan on hunting anything bigger than deer one day, I would opt for something larger.

The 270 Win is also a popular round. While I am not a fan of it personally (I prefer a 280 Remington, mainly due to the wider variety of bullets available for reloading when compared to the 270 Win), it is a fine cartridge. It packs pleanty of power and I would feel comfortable using it for anything up to elk sized game. Recoil is moderate, but should still be very tolerable to a newer shooter.

Out of the three you asked about, the 7mm Remington Mag is my favorite. This cartridge has the most recoil of the three you mentioned. However, it sends bullets downrange pretty fast and with quite a bit of energy. The recoil is still light for a "magnum" cartridge. Again, I would feel comfortable using it on up to elk sized game. With patience and some good quality bullets, you could use it on brown bears and moose sized game (though there are much better choices, especially for bear which can kill you if you screw up).

Of the three you mentioned, I would opt for the 7mm Rem Mag. It is a fine round that has great versitility.

Though you didn't mention it, I would also consider a 30-06 Sprg. With the vast array of factory ammo available, you can find ammo good for anything from ground hogs to big bear. The recoil can be mild or on the punishing side, depending on the load you use. With light 125 gr bullets, it is pleanty for deer, yet the recoil is still pretty mild.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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Deer Hunting Rifles

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Questions and Answers

What is the best hunting rifle for deer hunting and boar?

7 mm






Posted by clovertootall

I have lots of rifles for deer and hog hunting, and I can tell you with confidence that the best rifle is the one I started to take, changed my mind, and put down just before I picked up the one I'm hunting with.
There are plenty of adequate calibers. None is perfect, and when you are familiar with them, you can make a good choice with little difficulty. A more difficult choice is the rifle to put it in. One of the best for hogs, and for deer in close cover, is one that an old classmate of mine has: a double rifle (side-by-side) in 8×57 JRS. It isn't the best choice for deer in open areas where shots might be long, but if you have an extra five or six thousand dollars to spend, that's a great rig to consider. Likewise, if you're really mad at the hogs or badly need to thin them out, a lever gun will give you the firepower to drop several at once. I've dropped five in a matter of a few seconds with a Winchester model 71 (348 Winchester caliber). Again, it's not a long-range shooter.
Bolt actions are most popular, and whether you want a full-size rifle or a shorter "mountain rifle" or carbine is going to be determined by where you hunt.
A few comments on your list: you should be careful about abbreviations. 7mm is a good bore, but what you're thinking of and what I'm thinking of may be a lot different. There are lots of cartridges of that size. I wouldn't normally consider 7mm Waters, for instance, but Ken Waters isn't a fool, and I'm sure he'd disagree. I like 7mm08 and 7×57 Mauser very much for deer and hogs and don't have much use for 280 Remington or any of the various 7mm Magnums, but I have buddies who swear by them, and I can see why the favorite "beanfield rifle" chambering in South Carolina is the 280 Ackley Improved. I don't think you're likely to find a rifle in any of the old 9mm chamberings, though a 9×57 would be a good short-to-medium-range chambering. Pistol calibers like 9mm Parabellum are grossly inadequate. 9.3×62 is a bit much, but is a popular European choice for boar (and 9.3×64 may loosen a few fillings but you won't be accused of being undergunned!). 30-06 is also more than you need but there's nothing wrong with that at all. 243 Winchester is a bit on the light side, and you'll have to be picky with your shots, but if you're up to the challenge it'll certainly do, though it's really better in its role as a varminter. 270 Winchester is a good choice, especially if you primarily hunt deer in open areas, and 270 WSM will do anything the older cartridge will, but its future is uncertain and might not be a good choice if you're relying on factory cartridges, which may not always be available.

Deer hunting?

I want to get a new riffle for deer hunting with my stimulus check,
I also want the riffle to be accurate enough to pick turky buzards out about a mile away so whats your favorate for a mile long shot??
(if I have the rifle that can do it Ill worry about my skill later even though I think Im already there)

Posted by candleman

As for deer hunting you can't go wrong with a 270 WIN but I don't know about mile long shots it can be done but you will need to be an especially skilled marksman I don't think shooting from a mile away is necessary except in combat situations and shooting buzzards is illegal so I wouldn't worry about it but with a 270 if you can see it you can shoot it it all depends how good of a shot you are.

Rifle suggestion for deer hunting?

I'm going to begin deer hunting this year and was looking into rifles. Any suggestions or particular models? Not trying to break the bank, but willing to spend around $600 including a scope. I know you get what you pay for but is their anything in this range worth looking into?

I'm 22.

Posted by Josh H

First, let's talk caliber. If you've never shot guns beyond handguns and 22LR rifles I suggest you get a 243 winchester or maybe 25-06. If you've shot a 12 gauge a bunch, then I'd say get a 270 winchester or a 30-06.

Now, onto guns.

You are pricing yourself into the 'super-economy' or else 'economy' price band of rifles. Part of this is because you are including a scope, and to get a decent one takes a little bit more than most people expect.

Here are the Super-economy rifles, basically ranked from worst to best

Remington 770 and it's older versions the 710 and 715. Tied for bottom position
Mossberg ATR tied with the 770
Mossberg 4×4 spend about $50 to get something that still isn't very good…not a good choice
Savage Edge – this is the cheapest of the super-economy but is better than those others
Marlin XL or XS – has a nice recoil pad…but that is something you can put on any gun for $20. It's okay.
Stevens 2000 – When Savage upgraded their current bolt action, they kept the old one under the stevens name…and put a really cheap grey stock on it, and a less nice finish. Still mechanically it has a good trigger and an excellent barrel.

Of all these rifles, the Stevens is the ONLY one where you can get aftermarket accessories for it, because the Steven is the same as the more expensive Savage.

Steven is also the most accurate and has the best trigger. It also has the ugliest stock and the thinnest recoil pad. But these are things you can upgrade later.

You spend $100 on a Stevens and you really improve the rifle by about $100….or $150. You spend $100 on these other rifles ASSUMING YOU CAN FIND THE PARTS, you don't get anything anyone would pay a dime more for.

So, next year after you have your Stevens 200 you get yourself a Timney Trigger for $100


and then a new stock for another $100.


I think the 'pepper laminate' is a nice looking stock, but so is the wood.

Here's one that is more expensive but has a lot more colors if that is your thing.


The ONLY other option I'd suggest is to spend a little bit more and get a "Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic Series 2" Weatherby is a very well respected gun maker who makes high end guns…except they decided to contract out with a good gun maker to make an economy version, but still Weatherby demands that anything that carry their name be good product.

The Wby Vanguard Synthetic Series 2 is probably the best buy on the market right now. It is a GREAT gun for it's price.

Now, onto scopes. You are going to want a 3-9x 40mm scope of some sort. 3-9x means you can set the zoom anywhere between 3x and 9x. 40mm is how big the front lens is. But you can have a cheap scope or an extremely high quality scope with those same numbers. Unfortunately the best way to judge a scope is a combination of name and price tag. You have a company like Bushnell that makes everything from the ultracheap 'banner' scope for $50 to the Bushnell Elite 6500 for $500…and both come in 3-9x40mm.

I suggest you spend about $200 for a scope

Look for these manufacturers and models

Leupold XV-1 -$220-250
Leupold Rifleman – $200
Redfield Revolution – $200
Bushnell Elite (3200 is cheapest of elite but still very good) -$250
Bushnell Legend -$200
Nikon Buckmaster – $225-250
Nikon Prostaff -$175-200
Sightron SII – $250-300
Sightron SI – $150

Sightron is in my mind a really great scope but because of lack of name recognition they sell for less and are a super great bargain.

I'd snap this scope up in a minute


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